Terrence Howard And Robert Downey Jr. Get Buff For 'Iron Man 2’

'Iron Man'Whether or not “Iron Man 2” ultimately delivers on the long-promised “Demon in a Bottle” storyline, which details Tony Stark’s descent into alcoholism, co-star Terrence Howard insists there will be at least one demon in the eagerly anticipated sequel: Him.

“I’m going to work out like a demon because it’s that character,” the man who would be War Machine giddily told MTV News. “That’s sometimes what we need, that other motivation to make us get buff. So me and Robert, we made plans to really get some incredible trainers, train together, and get massive. Get massive enough [so we don’t] need to suit.”’

Getting to suit, of course, is something Howard has been waiting to do for over a year. As early as May 2007, the actor has been telling reporters how much he is looking forward to eventually putting on a version of the Stark armor and becoming War Machine.

But that was an opportunity he talked about then. And while he’s still thrilled over the success of “Iron Man,” the opportunities he talks about now have nothing to do with costumes, or villains, or suits at all.

In fact, they don’t even have anything to do with “Iron Man.”

“I got lucky on ‘Iron Man,’ because it opened up the door for me, because I did the independent films not only because I loved them, but because I needed to make a living. The big budget films weren’t available to me. But now it’s finding a balance between the big budget and the independent films,” he said. “I’ve got a couple more independent projects that I’ll be able to do now as a result of doing ‘Iron Man 2’ because that will take care of the financial, the fiscal responsibilities and then I can go have fun. I can go have fun working under some brilliant, young director.”

Forget buff actors, what would you like to see most of all in “Iron Man 2”? Are they crazy to abandon the “Demon” storyline, as Favreau has hinted at? Sound off below.