'Harbinger' Heads To Hollywood, And Creator Jim Shooter's Got Something To Say About It

'Harbinger'Director Brett Ratner -- he of “X-Men: The Last Stand” fame -- has decided the future looks bright for the cape & tights set. So much so that he’s moving shop from New Line on over to Paramount, and bringing a bunch of comic properties with him -- most notably, “Harbinger” -- the classic, Valiant Comics franchise created by legendary comic writer Jim Shooter.

Given that the news of a possible “Harbinger” film just broke, there will still be some time before any major announcements are made, so instead, Splash Page turned to Shooter for his take on the news, and how he hopes Ratner and Co. handle the next possible comic book blockbuster.

To Shooter, it’s no surprise that “Harbinger” found its way to Hollywood since the title’s history started out geared that way.

“‘Harbinger’ began as a movie treatment written at the request of the head of development at Paramount, who wanted a movie with young superheroes,” explained Shooter. “She loved what I wrote, but since they had just signed a seven-picture deal with Eddie Murphy, she asked me to turn it into a comedy vehicle for him. I refused, and ended up using the ‘Harbinger’ idea, somewhat differently developed, at Valiant as a comic book series.”

Given that Shooter doesn’t have ownership of the property, he simply hopes that Ratner stays true to the original source material. “I hope that Ratner and company read the first seven issues of ‘Harbinger,’ plus my original treatment,” he said. “I hope they notice all the superhero clichés that were flung down and danced upon. I hope they notice that the kids aren’t superheroes, or even heroic, most of the time. I hope they notice that there are no easy answers for them, no magic doohickey that solves everything.

“If they make a wonderful spectacular movie that is, nonetheless, first and foremost about the kids, I’ll be grateful.”

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