'Gladiator' Titan To Play Captain America? Conan? Some Other Huge, Blonde Dude?

Mike O'Hearn, 'American Gladiator'Word is trickling out that Mike O'Hearn -- better known as Titan on “American Gladiators” -- has been one busy blond brute around Hollywood. According to an article referenced on Slashfilm.com, O’Hearn has met with Lionsgate for the lead role in their reboot of the “Conan” franchise. Furthermore, according to O’Hearn, he’s already passed his audition and will most likely be offered the role.

And if for some reason O’Hearn decides to pass on the offer, he also claims to be in negotiations with Marvel Studios to play the Star Spangled Avenger himself, Captain America, in their big screen adaptation.

That said, this news should be taken with a grain of salt, since O’Hearn has been known to tout these claims for months now. Granted, he does have the look -- and as far as “Conan” is concerned, acting ability really doesn’t play a factor in the part (need we remind you of Arnold’s original turn at the character?) -- but if the rumors are true about him starring in Cap, then get ready for the Marvel fanboy backlash…

Or are we wrong, Marvel fans? Is O'Hearn the right fit for Cap, or should Marvel give him the red-cuffed boot? Let us know below, True Believers!