Seth Green Talks 'The Freshmen' Movie -- And Why It Won't Be 'Mystery Men'

'The Freshmen'In terms of livin' the geek high life, Seth Green’s got it made. Not only is he widely known for his work in film and on Adult Swim’s hit "Robot Chicken," but he’s also got a hit comic book in Top Cow’s "The Freshmen."

“Freshmen” fans who were lucky enough to attend this year’s San Diego Comic-Con were given a special treat, as publisher Top Cow handed out special one-shot issues which bridged the gap between the recently concluded second volume of the series and the upcoming third volume.

However, according to Green, don’t expect another series of comics this time around. “[Writer and co-creator] Hugh [Sterbakov] and I have talked about [volume three]...he has the whole thing mapped out,” he hinted. “[But] I really wanna push towards trying to exploit another medium -- I really want to make a movie at this point. So we’re talking about how to do that. It’s always a process getting a film made, but I think this concept will really come alive on film and that’s what I’m pushing for.”

That said, Green clearly has a solid grasp on what makes for a good comic book flick, but is well aware of how hard it is to make one that infuses action and comedy in equal parts as seen in "The Freshmen." When asked if he sees this as a ‘Mystery Men’ type film, Green immediately tensed up, “Please don’t compare us to that, because they did it all wrong. Everybody knows it, everybody who worked on it movie knows it. Best intentions, but not a great execution.”

Using the “Hellboy Model” of publishing a series of mini-series, the first two volumes of ‘The Freshmen’ found an immediate fanbase of readers who enjoy breakneck action with a healthy does of the funny, a formula that Green’s been building on since day one. “Hugh and I love comics,” explained Green. “We grew up reading comics, and really wanted to write something like the books we grew up reading. So it’s a story about real kids with real trouble that have these kinda awkward powers in a world where there aren’t superheroes. I really like it, I’m very proud of it, and the fact that we’ve got any attention on it -- that people are reading it and reacting to it is really exciting.”

So how do you hope to see ‘The Freshmen’ portrayed on the silver screen? Let us know in the comments!