Seth Rogen Likens 'Green Hornet' To 'True Lies' In Tone

Seth RogenSeth Rogen can't seem to get away from green these days -- first in this month's "Pineapple Express" (where a bit of "green" gets him into a world of trouble) and now with news breaking hard and fast about 2010's 'Green Hornet' comic book adaptation.

In a sit-down with MTV News, co-writer Rogen (who will also play the film's titular role) spilled more info about the upcoming feature film, which he hopes to be a healthy balance of comedy and action. "I think the tone is very real, but the relationships in the movie are where we try to draw our comedy from," explained Rogen. "I think it’s somewhere in a 'True Lies' type world almost, with big exciting action but the relationships are all very personal, and that’s where a lot of the comedy comes from."

As for how Rogen plans to pull off the look of the character? "I’m going to have dreadlocks," he laughed. "Four-foot-long dreadlocks. I’m going for a George Clinton type look with this. I don’t think anyone will be pissed off about that either," adding later that he will indeed be going for a more traditional clean-cut look. "I gotta look like a media mogul."

With a draft of the script written, Rogen and co-writer Evan Goldberg are now on the hunt for a director who shares their vision first before they start searching for potential co-stars. "We’ve been meeting with directors just now, people are kind of beginning to read the script," he said. "I think it would be weird to hire a co-star until a director is hired. We’re already forcing one actor upon them, we probably shouldn’t force two."

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