And Now, Please Welcome Our New Splash Page Editor Casey Seijas...

MTV Logo by Tony HarrisHi. I’m Casey. I’m new here.

Gonna try and keep my introduction short and sweet, since you’re obviously not here to hear me ramble on about my own bad-ass self -- you’re here for the comics!

I’ve been in the funny book business for almost a decade now -- starting out at Wizard Magazine as a staff writer, and then moving over to DC/Vertigo Comics, editing books like "Sentences: The Life of MF Grimm" and "Hellblazer," and assisting on books like "100 Bullets," "Y: The Last Man," "D.M.Z.," "Scalped," "Superman," "Batman" and a ton of other titles and original graphic novels. I don’t mean to brag, but life’s been very good to my inner-geek so far.

So now I’m at MTV, helping out with this here blog, and I gotta say I’m very excited...and a bit terrified. I’m pretty green to the Blogosphere, but I can assure you that, when it comes to the love of comics, I’m one of you. I hope to help make “Splash Page” THE source for not only breaking comic and movie news, but a place to show why comics are cool -- which I firmly believe to be true.

That said, I thank you for checking out the site so far, and hope you come back on the regular.