Is The 'Green Lantern' Movie Finally Moving Forward?

Green LanternIt seems all of Hollywood's going green. You've got the Green Hornet and Green Arrow on their way, so why not throw the Green Lantern into the mix? Slashfilm notices that Publisher's Weekly has updated on their list of films currently in active development with DC Comics' favorite outer space cop.

The long-gestating project has been through numerous iterations; comedian Jack Black was even involved at one point, eager to star in a comedy version of the fabled superhero. More recently, hip-hop maestro Common was attached to play the figure in the troubled "Justice League" flick.

Various characters have assumed the identify of the Green Lantern since his creation in 1940, with each sector of space getting its own designate as part of the galaxy-saving Green Lantern Corps. Each Green Lantern comes equipped with a powerful ring able to create any imaginable object.

With Marvel ramping up their own slate of films, it's only a matter of time until "Green Lantern" hits theaters. So the question is, do you think it'd make a good film? What would it need to have, and equally as important, what could kill it? Chime in below!