Joss Whedon's 'Dr. Horrible' Evil League Of Evil Strikes Back

Drew Goddard as Fake Thomas Jefferson in 'Dr. Horrible'No sooner than had we posted an update on future Dr. Horrible comics, a member of the Evil League of Evil took umbrage with his description – and wrote to tell us so.

As careful Dr. Horrible observers already know, the ELE consists of Bad Horse (the Thoroughbred of Sin), Snake Bite, Fury Leika, Dead Bowie, Professor Normal, Tie-Die, and Fake Thomas Jefferson (who was played by “Cloverfield” scribe and frequent Whedon collaborator Drew Goddard). Joss Whedon had told us, “We want to do a Fake Thomas Jefferson comic.” That, you might think, would be good news. Except then Whedon said, “No one who is in the Evil League of Evil shouldn’t be in there, except Fake Thomas Jefferson, who’s pointless.”

“How dare you,” Goddard responded. “Thomas Jefferson is not pointless. He is the true brains behind the ELE, I don’t care what anybody says. And don’t give me any of that ‘I’m just reporting what Joss says’ crap. You better be careful, or you will feel Thomas Jefferson’s wrath.”

"I'm with Drew," said "Dr. Horrible" co-writer Maurrissa Tancharoen. "Fake Thomas Jefferson belongs in the ELE. But Drew is also tall and intimidating, so I tend to agree with him on most occasions."

So we asked, as due diligence would require, should we make a correction? Goddard said no. “Everything you reported is correct, unless you ask Fake Thomas Jefferson.” We’d like to, but he seems unavailable, due to security reasons. “If Bad Horse finds out FTJ is scheming against him, someone’s liable to hear the Death Whinny.”

We wouldn’t want to be responsible for that. Goddard might accept such responsibility, however, if he gets to write the FTJ spin-off, though, as he noted, “Nothing’s on the books.” And for all the fans of FTJ out there, such as the one who called him the “Best...supervillain identity...ever," will Goddard continue to play FTJ in any sequels? “Could you imagine someone else playing him? Nope, neither can I.”

Do you want more from the Evil League of Evil? Could Fake Thomas Jefferson defeat the fake Benjamin Franklin from “The Office”? Or Martha Washington from the Frank Miller comics? What do you think is his deal?