Casting Rumors Debunked: Cher Won't Purr As Catwoman, Thomas Jane Not Hex-ed

CherFollowing up on what was clearly the wildest (and arguably most hysterical) rumor of the week, Warner Bros. have released word that Cher has in fact not been cast for the role of Catwoman in the next "Batman" film, tentatively titled "The Caped Crusader." Earlier this week, the UK’s Telegraph reported that the 62-year-old singer/actress was in discussions for the role, and that she was Director Christopher Nolan first choice for the role of an aging cat burglar in her twilight years, but a spokesperson for Warner Bros. insisted that "those casting rumors are untrue."

Meanwhile, another casting rumor that has been officially debunked was Thomas Jane landing the role of disfigured, wild west gunslinger and bounty hunter, Jonah Hex -- despite pictures floating around the internet of Jane dressed up for the part, complete with prosthetics. Jonah Hex directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor are quoted as saying, ""He's a great guy… But we don't see the guy as Jonah Hex, to be quite honest with you."

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