'Red Sonja' Director Teases Sequel, Possible Conan Cameo

'Red Sonja'With the upcoming "Red Sonja" film starring Rose McGowan hitting theaters next year, is it too early to start talking about a possible sequel? Not if you're Splash Page!

Catching up with director Douglas Aarniokoski, we asked if there were any preliminary thoughts on any follow-ups or other films from the Red Sonja universe of characters, and while Aarniokoski obviously wouldn't (or quite possibly, couldn't) elaborate, he did drop some clues. "I mean, if we start to talk about that, I start to give away the third act," he said. "Yes, let’s just say yes. It’s definitely got franchise written all over it."

And in terms of silence speaking volumes, when pressed for possible Red Sonja films featuring the likes of Conan and Thulsa Doom, once again, Aarniokoski wouldn't comment, but left the door open to speculation. "You know, again, I’d love to tell you but I can’t divulge that. It’s a little bit under wraps right now."

Red Sonja as a franchise? A possible appearance by Conan? Let the rumor mill begin in the comments below!