Vin Diesel Ready To Suit Up As Marvel Villain, But Which One?

In a recent interview with MTV, Vin Diesel was asked -- given his stock as an action film star -- why he hasn't made the foray into comic book movies. While he gave numerous reasons, Diesel made it clear that he's looking for a unique take on comic book films. Meaning? He wants to play a certain mysterious Marvel villain...and a complex one at that. Check out his full answer in the video clip below...

So which Marvel baddie would Diesel be best suited for? Since he wasn't ready to reveal his dream role quite yet, we figured we'd offer up some of our suggestions and guesses after the jump.

The Rhino: A perennial thorn in Spider-Man's side, The Rhino was part of a Soviet super soldier program who had a super-strong polymer bonded to his skin. He's a dim-witted criminal, who mostly robs banks and works for more ambitious villains. Given that Spider-Man 4 is definitely gonna happen, Vin would be perfect for the gray skinned bruiser.

Red Skull: Former Nazi General and Captain America's arch nemesis, the Red Skull has all of the physical attributes of Cap, only he's really, really evil. Given Diesel's signature shaved head look, all you'd have to do is add some prosthetics and some red paint, and you're there.

Thanos: An interstellar villain obsessed with nihilism, Thanos is arguably one of Marvel's most dangerous villians around. Diesel said he wanted to play a complex villain, and they don't get more complex than one who's in love with the otherworldly embodiment of Death.

Tombstone: Another Spider-Man villain who grew up on the mean streets of Harlem, Tombstone fought his way to the top of organized crime, using his albino skin-tone and filed-to-points teeth to instill horror in anyone dumb enough to cross his path. With the right writer, Tombstone could be a very interesting villain, and Diesel would certainly look the part (with a bit of make-up, of course).

Stilt-Man: As a scientist, Wilbur Day crafted a pair of extremely long, telescopic metal legs, which allowed him to tower high over the ground. That's about as big a threat Stilt-Man is, but hey, who wouldn't wanna see Diesel as a very tall supervillain? Just us? Eh, fair enough...

We've had our say, True Believers, now it's your turn! Do you agree with any of our picks? Think you can top ours? Tell us in the comments!