Kevin Smith Unleashes Superhero-Targeting Serial Killer In 'Batman: Cacophony'

Kevin SmithOne of DC Comics' biggest announcements coming out of this year's San Diego Comic-Con was that writer/director/fanboy icon, Kevin Smith, would be making his triumphant return to the DC Universe this fall with a three-issue Batman series titled, "Batman: Cacophony." Smith was last seen in DC's sandbox revitalizing Green Arrow with a 15-issue run that introduced a new villain to the DC fold named Onomatopoeia -- a serial killer targeting non-superpowered superheroes who speaks only in sound effects.

For "Cacophony," Smith will be bringing Onomatopoeia back to the mean streets of Gotham, this time setting his sights on the Caped Crusader, which Smith is quick to point out is the "apex" of non-superpowered heroes. "He’s just a dude in a suit, he’s not like Superman," elaborated Smith. "Onomatopoeia would never go after Superman -- what’s the point? You can’t take him down. But Batman is a prey he can get his head around, like, if I can do this it’d be great."

While Smith obviously prefers to keep details of his story under wraps, he assures fans that this will not be one of those projects that will see massive delays between issues (case in point, his infamous "Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do" mini-series for Marvel). Cut the guy some slack -- he's got movies to write and direct, after all! -- but he also has two issues already written and in the hands of "Cacophony" artist, Walt J. Flanagan. "I’m two issues done [and] I got one issue to do, Walter is almost on the last page of issue one in terms of artwork."

'Batman: Cacophony'

Yet despite being one of the most well-known directors working in Hollywood today, we wondered if Smith felt any trepidation to work on a "Batman" comic after the wild success of "The Dark Knight."

"No!" he responded. "At the end of the day, the movie Batman has always been very separate and distinct from the comic book Batman and I think you can definitely drive yourself crazy thinking, 'Do I really want to touch Batman after 'The Dark Knight'?' But that can’t stop people from writing Batman on a regular basis. It didn’t feel intimidating at that point. I would be stupid not to do it just based on the fact that 'The Dark Knight' was so successful."

But Smith also added, "Thankfully I finished the first two issues before 'The Dark Knight' came out [laughs]!"

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