Bryce Dallas Howard And Sam Raimi Game For 'Spider-Man 4’ Roles

'Spider-Man'Come 2011, Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson, J. Jonah Jameson and the rest of the “Spider-Man” crew will be swinging back into theaters. But will the actors who memorably portrayed them make the swing as well? It’s a question they’ll be forced to endure until an official announcement is made one way or the other. It’s also, unfortunately, a question they still don’t have an answer to, Bryce Dallas Howard told MTV News.

“You know, honestly, I would love to be apart of any continuation of the franchise. But, I also really understand that there’s so many different story lines that the fans are really excited to see, and the studio, and the producers, and the filmmakers really need to appease everyone,” the actress said. “Whether or not Gwen Stacy comes back, I mean, I wish it was up to me, but it’s not. But yes, if they’d call me, I’d be there in a heart beat.”

Although a popular and enduring character throughout much of Spider-Man’s early comic run, Stacy only appeared in the series’ third film installment, something of a missed opportunity, perhaps, given the character’s rich and important history (and her memorable death).

The opportunity may have passed, especially given the way “Spidey 3,” ended with Peter and Mary-Jane once again in each other’s arms. I mean, God help them if they make another romantic subplot front and center.

Still, there are ways to introduce the character and allude to her history that have nothing to do with her being a romantic rival. Way back in May of last year, actor James Cromwell, who played Captain Stacy in the film, told MTV News that he thought the natural progression for the character would be for both to die early in “Spider-Man 4.”

Bring it on, Dallas Howard said.

Meanwhile, what to make of Sam Raimi’s involvement? Will he direct? Will he simply produce? Will he cut his ties to the franchise completely?

Ever coy, Raimi had a totally different idea. “Oh, I love ‘Spider-Man,’ definitely. I would love to play a part in ‘Spider-Man 4,” he said chuckling.

The part of director? Writer? Something else?

“No, I mean play the part of ‘Spider-Man 4.’ Are you kidding me? I’ll wear the suit,” he laughed.

Okay, Spidey fans – everything’s on the table. What would you like to see them do for Part IV? Villains, plot-lines, characters – you name it. And would you like Dallas Howard and others to be a part of it? Sound off below.