Will Christopher Nolan Return For 'Batman 3’?

'The Dark Knight'The Hollywood Reporter posted a thorough look at "The Dark Knight" this morning, focusing mostly on the tragic death of Heath Ledger and the challenges surrounding it. However, in the last few paragraphs of the piece, there's an off-hand mention that director Christopher Nolan may in fact not be returning for the third installment of the "Batman" franchise.

While the article doesn't say Nolan is leaving the franchise, it does mention that the studio is still waiting on Nolan to come to them with an idea for the story and a plan of action. And while Producer Chuck Roven points out that Nolan is taking a "well-earned vacation," and that he hopes he'll come in and sit down with studio execs once he returns, a quote like that could be cause for concern, given that Nolan was only contracted for two "Batman" films.

Needless to say, message boards are blowing up with this news -- but is it warranted, or are we reading into Roven's quotes a bit too much?

Should Bat-fans be worried about a "Batman" installment without Nolan, or are we panicking over nothing? Is his return all but assured? Talk to us in the comments below.