EXCLUSIVE: Go Inside 'Terminator Salvation' With Our First Look At The Upcoming Prequel Comic!

'Terminator Salvation' Prequel ComicMust be tough, being John Connor -- what with all those Terminators always trying to kill you, your mother, your friends. But it's even tougher to be someone outside of John Connor's immediate circle come Judgment Day.

Thanks to the upcoming prequel comic to "Terminator Salvation" from IDW Publishing, we'll get a glimpse of what life is like for the rest of the world once the machines take over -- and before John Connor is the leader of the resistance -- starting with the first issue, due in January.

"One of the toughest things with stories involving time travel," said writer Dara Naraghi, "is that no matter what you do, there's always some sort of paradox."

Naraghi hopes to avoid those paradoxes when he fleshes out a different part of the post-Judgment Day world. "I get to play in my own sandbox, with a lot of new characters who won't be in the movie," Naraghi said. "There's a lot of breathing room."

His four-issue run takes place in 2017, a year before the events of the next movie (which will hit theaters just as the comic concludes). "In the film, John is straddling the line between being a soldier in the resistance to becoming the leader he's been told he has to be," Naraghi said. "He's struggling with the responsibility. Does he want it? In the comic, he's still just a soldier, taking orders as opposed to giving them. But his persona and actions are starting to have a strong effect on the people around him."

'Terminator Salvation' Prequel Comic'Terminator Salvation' Prequel Comic'Terminator Salvation' Prequel Comic

The people "around him" aren't actually in his immediate physical presence -- Connor's started doing nightly radio broadcasts to communicate with surviving humans around the world. Those people include a resistance leader named Elena Maric, a former LAPD officer now waging a campaign to fight the machines' takeover of an auto plant in Detroit, and Bem Aworuwa, the former lead engineer of an open-pit uranium mine in Niger, Africa. "The films are always set in and around Los Angeles, and I wanted to show what was going on in the rest of the world," Naraghi said. "What are other people doing?"

Since the machines have taken over the existing manufacturing plants -- and need uranium for their fuel cells -- people who can disrupt the supply chain are crucial parts of the human defense. But it's not easy for them to unite, despite their common goals. A French doctor at the mine, Lysette Gravois, though valuable to the survivors for her medical training, is nonetheless considered an outsider. Yusuf Al Mansur, another character at the mine, is an illegal immigrant from Syria. Jackson Parker, a former factory worker in Detroit, just wants to take care of his family but is dragged into the resistance kicking and screaming.

"This lets me play with the themes of human prejudice and class distinctions that people have to overcome," Naraghi said. "Acceptance and prejudice don't mean quite the same things when every day is a struggle to survive."

So what do you want to see in a "Terminator" comic, and specifically what part of the "Terminator" world would you like to see explored? Comment and let us know.