'Watchmen' Exclusive Character Posters Revealed!

'Watchmen'With Comic-Con beginning to wrap up, insiders here in San Diego are meeting up at parties and over breakfast, bestowing honors on certain film and TV titles as they look back at them. There seem to be some general consensuses on the biggest splash (“Twilight”), the biggest comeback (“Heroes”), and the film with the biggest uphill battle ahead of it (“The Spirit”). Similarly, there seems to be an undebatable winner for having unveiled the best footage: “Watchmen.”

Such names as Kevin Smith made reference in other panels that Zack Snyder’s anti-hero superhero film had already won him over with its presentation on Friday. And the geeks themselves were left drooling as they congregated around the 9000-pound Owl Ship, posed beneath an enormous “Who Watches the Watchmen?” banner in the lobby of the Convention Center, and stepped in front of each other to grab a glimpse of eye-popping Comic-Con exclusive posters.

Now, MTV has the posters for your perusal. Featuring such folks as The Comedian, Ozymandias and Rorschach, Snyder explained to us that the images are based on old artwork that “Watchmen” illustrator Dave Gibbons created back in the day to promote the graphic novel.

Each features a key character in his or her most iconic environ, alongside a time-stamped quote stating their notoriously nihilistic outlooks on life. We can only hope that whenever the real theatrical posters arrive, they’re half as cool as these.

Which is your favorite “Watchmen” poster, and why?