EXCLUSIVE: We Chat With 'Heroes' Star Milo Ventimiglia About His New Comic 'Berserker'

'Berserker'Everyone, look out. Milo Ventimiglia has officially gone "Beserk."

As the actor's foray into comics continues via his production company DiVide Pictures, the man you know as Peter Petrelli has been using all his powers to get out a new title, about a group of people seemingly unconnected to each other who discover, unbeknowst-to-them, they had been born with hidden abilities. No "Heroes"-ripoff here -- the hidden power here is to kill, and the comic is called "Beserker" from Top Cow Publishing.

You'd think the ability to go really aggro could be a boon -- but one character, Ferris Jorn, who is trying to get back to his life after being in the military in Afghanistan, is having extreme difficulty. "You can't make a distinction between enemies and comrades," Ventimiglia said. "Imagine you're being pushed over the edge. You're at the height at an adrenal rush. Your veins are bulging. Your blood is moving. And you can't control it -- not even around your loved ones. You will rip them to shreds. It's an extreme and uncontrollable rage."

Another "Beserker" is a teenage athlete, who is starting to realize his fits of rage are not just surging hormones.

These Beserkers discover they're all part of an ancient Norse race, and have to fight in a secret war with the fate of the world on the line (isn't it always?). "Beserker" gets really brutal -- "I don't want to say it surpasses 'Wanted,'" Ventimiglia said, "but there are big battles and people are ripped in half. It's a bloody book."

Written by "Friday Night Lights" scribe Rick Loverd, "Beserker" will feature a cover by "Hulk" artist Dale Keown. "I'm not a writer," Ventimiglia said. "But I've seen some early pages and I'm totally blown away."

Ventimiglia said that while his production company might adapt some comics into movies, the focus is first and foremost on the comics themselves. "I would have a real problem looking in the mirror and seeing a 10-year-old Milo staring back at me," he said, "going, 'You're just doing this to make a movie out of this?' There's a real value to comics and graphic novels, and this is going to be a great book."

Does the premise of "Beserker" sound intriguing to you? Would you read it and perhaps just as important, would you want to see a movie made of it? Let us know below!

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