The Joker Heads Back To Theaters For DC Comics Prison Film 'Super Max'

Heath Ledger as the Joker in 'The Dark Knight'The legend surrounding Heath Ledger's Joker is already growing at a staggering rate, with some even calling it the best villain of all-time. But given Ledger's untimely demise earlier this year, could it possibly be the last we'll see of the Joker on the big-screen for a long, long time?

Absolutely not, insisted "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight" scribe David Goyer, who already has plans to bring the Joker back to the big-screen, and soon. Just not in "Batman 3."

"His name is a throwaway. He's on a cell," Goyer said of the Joker's appearance in "Super Max," the Green Arrow movie he's written which takes place at a penitentiary for super villains in the DC Universe. "You don't actually see him, just his name on a cell. It's a real Easter Egg. That's one cross-pollination we would stay away from [doing more with]."

In fact, a non-traditional superhero movie that centers on Green Arrow's incarceration and eventual escape from prison, "Super Max" boasts a whole host of comic-crossovers, with everyone from "Superman villains, Green Lantern villains, and Wonder Woman villains," making an appearance, Goyer said.

"I know Warner Brothers is having a big rethink about how they approach all their DC films and they've been taking a lot of meanings recently about it. And this is a script they like a lot because there are all sorts of characters in this prison. They like that idea," Goyer said. "We're fairly hopeful they'll want to move forward in the next year or so."

So given the opportunity for nearly unfettered play in the DC sandbox, which side character is Goyer's favorite?

"The Tattoo Man is in there which seemed like a no brainer if you're doing a movie about a super prison -- having a character with super tattoos," Goyer said. "Amanda Waller's in there as well from the Suicide Squad. Those are probably the two I like the most, absent Green Arrow."

What do you think? Is "Super Max" the next, great superhero movie you're looking forward to? Is the Joker's min-appearance a good idea? If you could choose any villain or hero to make an appearance, who would it be? Sound off below.