Frank Miller On '300’ Prequel: 'I Know Nothing'

By the end of “300,” the Persians had won, the Hot Gates were passed, and King Leonidas and his men, each and every one save Dilios the Storyteller, were killed. So, of course, they’re all coming back for the sequel.

They are, right? At the Saturn Awards last month, director Zack Snyder and ‘300’ producers, Mark Canton and Gianni Nunnari all more or less confirmed that there was another tale of Spartan heroics in the works with Canton even saying that they had secured the involvement of original author and comic legend Frank Miller.

So Mr. Miller -- you’re totally involved yes? Well, umm, we’ll let you decide after watching the video of his response below. Is it a denial, a non-denial denial? Is he hiding something? Sound off below.