Will We See A Wolverine Cameo In An 'Avengers' Movie? Hugh Jackman Says Sure

Hugh JackmanSuperhero team-ups are on everyone's brain this summer thanks to Marvel's awesome cross-pollinating in their two summer tentpoles, "Iron Man" and "The Incredible Hulk." Now it seems a certain X-Man may want to get in on the action.

Asked yesterday by MTV News if he could envision a scenario where he'd have a cameo in an "Avengers" movie and the Aussie star sounded more than game. "Any movie with Robert Downey Jr. I want to be in," he grinned. "I’m open to it. I love playing this guy."

The very fact that he was talking was a surprise let alone his interest in teaming up with some non-X-Men characters. Jackman wasn't on the Comic-Con schedule. His presence wasn't even a big rumor going around Comic-Con but there he was yesterday, literally right off a plane from Australia where he'd just wrapped shooting "X-Men Origins: Wolverine."

When MTV caught up with still scruffy sometime superhero, he'd just left a rousing ovation in Hall H after debuting new footage from the X-Men spin-off film set for release next summer. Clearly in a great mood Jackman discussed why he's still fond of this character. "The great thing about Wolverine is he’s still a fun character. He’s a tortured soul but he’s always got a quip. He’s always got a line. He’s like Dirty Harry and Mad Max. These aren’t nice guys but they get the job done. He marches to the beat of his own drummer. That’s why I love playing him."

Despite the quips and the fun don't expect "Iron Man"-like fun next summer. "It’s darker than the 'X-Men' movies," Jackman promised.

Should Wolverine appear in an "Avengers" movie? Or should Marvel stick to the core team? Sound off.