Robert Rodriguez On 'Sin City 2,' 'Barbarella,' And Mystery Project. What Is It?

Robert RodriguezRobert Rodriguez is getting ready for the biggest production of his career, an epic shoot that would last a year and a half. To make room in his schedule, he's pushed back, shifted, moved, or otherwise abandoned nearly every other film on his slate. He's geeked out like he's never been geeked out before - and for this man, that's actually saying something.

Something, but not really anything. Cause good luck getting him to tell you what it is.

And, oh yeah, it's not "Sin City 2," "Barbarella," or "Conan."

So just what the heck is it?

"I can't even say because it's a secret," Rodriguez coyly stated to MTV News, grinning widely. "You would hear about it in two weeks."

The topic came up at all because I asked Rodriguez where he was on "Sin City 2," a project that's been gestating since probably the day after the original opened. We know it's based on "A Dame to Kill For." We know Frank Miller has a girl in mind. What I wanted to know was: where do we stand on when it's going to happen?

"Frank Miller wrote a script that he gave me three or four months ago," he said. "We're going to go reassess. We have several projects that shift around at any moment."

"It's like a shell game," chimed in Rose McGowan, who was standing to his right. "Like 'Barbarella.'"

"We moved that back a year," Rodriguez added. "Because of another one that you haven't even heard about that I might be doing in the fall."

"If he were going to do it he would then not be able to do 'Barberella' for a year and a half," McGowan summarized.

A year and a half mystery project? Frankly, I'm stumped. So we'll throw it out to you: what project could Robert be referring to? Is there a big movie tentpole I'm missing? And, no matter what it was (within reason, of course), could it possibly match your anticipation for "Sin City 2"? Sound off on your thoughts below.