'The Warriors' Come Out And Play For New Comic Book Series

'The Warriors' Comic BookPolish up that leather vest and start heading for the F-Train, because Walter Hill’s 1979 cult classic “The Warriors” is getting the four-color treatment courtesy of upstart publisher Dabel Brothers.

The zany film -- long a favorite on the midnight screening circuit --- follows a New York City gang called the Warriors forced to flee towards Coney Island after being framed for the assassination of popular kingpin Cyrus. Along the way the group runs into a hodgepodge of rival gangs out for their blood, ranging from the facepainted, bat-swinging Baseball Furies to the rollerskate-equipped Punks.

Initially slated to adapt the movie, the publisher told MTV News that the eventual goal is to tackle the entire world that makes up the rough-and-tumble New York City of the late-1970’s.

“The sky's the limit,” enthused Special Projects Manager Derek Ruiz. “We have been talking about other stories we could tell about the important players of the Warriors universe. From the Furies to Cyrus and back to Swan and the Warriors, we hope to flesh out the universe in ways that fans new and old will enjoy.”

'The Warriors' Comic Book

With a tentative release date of early-2009, Dabel is already looking towards adding its own contribution to the Warriors mythos. “The plan is to do stories set before and after the movie,” revealed Ruiz. “We really want to flesh out the world and let you know even more about these characters.”

Ruiz promises two things: first, that the iconic gangs that inhabit the Warriors’ Manhattan will indeed grace the pages of the comic, and second, that nothing will be watered down for a younger audience. “We will be sticking to the movies vision,” he stated. “So the comic will be just as dark, gritty and violent. You will see the Warriors and the other gangs beat the hell out of each other. There's no way we could do it justice if we ‘kiddy’ it up.”

Currently, no talks have begun between Hill and Dabel Brothers, although Ruiz is certainly leaving the door open. “We haven't approached Mr. Hill at this point, but I don't want to say it's out of the realm of possibility. I'm sure if he was interested and Paramount was cool with it, we could make it happen.”

Are you digging the concept of a “Warriors” comic? Can you imagine that gang-ridden world on the printed page? Let us know below!