Snyder Reveals Hendrix, Dylan, Other Tracks in 'Watchmen,' No Smashing Pumpkins

'Watchmen'By now, you've seen the eye-popping first trailer for "Watchmen," read our report on the Smashing Pumpkins song that links Zack Snyder's upcoming epic to Batman, and also read Snyder's remarks to us that "The Smashing Pumpkins are not in the movie, of course, because the movie takes place in 1985."

Naturally, we had to ask the "300" mastermind what music has been confirmed for the March 6, 2009 release. And he had some major news to break to MTV.

"The music we have in the movie right now," he revealed. "We have Hendrix's 'All Along the Watchtower,' 'The Times They Are A-Changin'' the Bob Dylan song, [Simon & Garfunkel's] 'The Sound of Silence.'"

"[We've also got Nena's] '99 Luftballoons,' the German version of course," he grinned. "And 'Unforgettable' by Nat King Cole. And then there's a lot of others, but it's that kind of vibe."

Like a dark, demented "Forrest Gump," Snyder's "Watchmen" film will span the decades using a soundtrack of instantly-evocative period pieces. Many of the tunes (including "Sound of Silence," which S & J have not allowed to be in a movie since "The Graduate") can already be guessed as to which scene they’ll be in. Others, like "Unforgettable," need a bit more explanation.

"It's actually in Blake's fight with Adrian, because what happens is he's watching TV and he turns on a Nostalgia ad, and the Nostalgia ad has 'Unforgettable' on it," Snyder revealed. "Nostalgia is Veidt's perfume. And if you look at the graphic novel, that song is mentioned in reference to the perfume, and I thought that would be cool. I shot my own commercial for Nostalgia ... Blake is watching that when Adrian kicks the door in and starts beating the crap out of him."

"Watchmen" fans: Can you guess the scenes that will feature these other songs? What additional iconic tunes would you like to see featured in the film?