Seth Rogen Wonders When The 'Green Hornet' Bitching Will Stop

Seth Rogen"You go [online] and everybody complains about everything," Seth Rogen told us last November. "They could find out Jesus Christ was making a movie with Frank Miller and they'd say, 'That's a terrible combination!'"

The topic at hand was Rogen's planned adaptation of the "Green Hornet," a superhero property that had floated around Hollywood for years, finally landing at the feet of the famed comic. And while Rogen was surprisingly open with us on his plans for the film, which included revelations on the planned comedic tone and the character of Kato among other details, he was also understandably wary of the fan reaction. In short, ever since his involvement was announced, he had gotten pummeled.

"I think when people see 'Pineapple Express' it will make more sense to them," he said at the time.

So now that the movie is close to release, and people have seen the trailer and commercials, has the bitching stopped? Does he think it ever will?

"No, I think they'll still bitch about it…probably more. People just love bitching," Rogen laughed.

"I don't know, hopefully they'll see our hearts lie in kind of action movies and those are the types of movies we really like. And obviously, we feel what sets us apart is the fact that we can make them funny also and exciting," he added, smiling. "So hopefully, people will see it and say, 'Oh, yeah they can kind of do that, maybe we'll give them an easier time.'"

So does seeing Rogen in the "Pineapple Express" trailer, jumping, and kicking, and fighting make you less apprehensive of his "Green Hornet"? Or do you think no amount of action could ever make you a believer? Sound – or bitch off – below.

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