Paris Hilton, ‘Wolverine’ And A ‘Tron’ Sequel Revealed! Comic-Con ’08 Is A Wrap

This was my first San Diego Comic-Con and to be perfectly honest I was mentally spent by the first afternoon (I think my brain officially stopped working when I witnessed Stan Lee walking in on a Hugh Jackman interview). If you weren’t with us in person we hope you were checking in with us throughout the four days right here. If not, no worries. We forgive and forget. And to show you how much we care, let’s run through some of what you can (and must!) check-out from Comic-Con ’08!

We showed you Paris Hilton writhing around in a horror opera from the guys that did “Saw”!

We talked “Twilight” music with Stephenie Meyer herself(!) and director Catherine Hardwicke.

Rose McGowan IS “Red Sonja” and we debuted the first poster.

We learned that Keanu Reeves won’t be stretching his muscles as Plastic Man anytime soon.

Gerard Way revealed his latest comic book plans.

We were all over “Watchmen” as the panel nearly tore the roof of Hall H. Oh — and we went into the Owl ship!

We gave you the blow by blow on the “Tron” sequel.

Ever want to see Hulk battle Wolverine? We had your first sneak peek.

McG looked for career salvation with “Terminator Salvation”and he might be on his way to it.

We found out Samuel L. Jackson has the coolest ringtone ever.

We brought you the first exclusive scene of Corey Feldman in “The Lost Boys: The Tribe.”

You got a first look at the “Terminator Salvation” comic.

Chris “Ludacris” Bridges told us he wants to do battle with the Dark Knight.

Is there room for Wolverine in “The Avengers”? Hugh Jackman said, “let me in!”

The Ghostbusters returned and we had your first exclusive look.

And Stan frickin Lee welcomed you to our brand new Splash Page!

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