In 'Dr. Horrible' Comics, It's Hammer Time

Neil Patrick HarrisYou know it didn't just end with Dr. Horrible taking his place in the Evil League of Evil -- Joss Whedon is dreaming up more, much more for his supervillain, and first and foremost, it's going to be in comics.

"We'd love to do more Dr. Horrible in any form," he said, "because that's a very rich universe, and it's a comic book universe very specifically."

That's because Dr. Horrible deconstructs superhero stereotypes -- the villain is the nice guy, the hero is a jerk, and the girl they want to save they end up destroying with their actions. That's just for starters. The first of the comics, "Be Like Me," was an eight-page webcomic written by Joss' brother Zack from the point of view of Dr. Horrible's arch-nemesis Captain Hammer, and revealed the hero as the corporate tool Horrible always says he is. It'll be included in the bound volume of the My Space Dark Horse Presents collection.

More mini-issues are on the way, revealing more about Hammer as well as other characters. Such as:

"We want to do a Moist comic," Whedon said, referring to Horrible's friend-in-crime, who made it into the Henchman's Union; his ability is to dampen things, as evidenced by his profusive sweating. Not too impressive, but perhaps there's more to him than meets the eye -- after all, he at least went out on dates.

"We also want to do a Fake Thomas Jefferson comic," Whedon added. "No one who is in the Evil League of Evil shouldn't be in there, except Fake Thomas Jefferson, who's pointless."

If more comics are to be had on the members of the League, Fury Leika is just begging for one to be called "Woman Scorned." And there's also rich material to come with the inevitable bumping-of-the-heads between Bad Horse (a take on Whedon's publisher Dark Horse?) and Horrible, considering Bad Horse's philosophy is "go kill someone" and Horrible's is "killing is not elegant or creative."

Given that the League is under the false impression that Horrible has made a kill -- giving him credit for a murder he didn't commit -- is he going to have to step up his evil game and do it for real? Those are other questions are waiting to be answered, but don't except the answers anytime soon -- these won't be comics that will be out once a month. The next one is more likely to coincide with the DVD release of the webisodes.

"I'm very happy to say that we all have jobs," Whedon said, "so we're not all sitting around and saying, 'What are we going to do today?' We all have a lot of work -- [Dr. Horrible co-writers and brother] Jed [Whedon] and Maurissa [Tancharoen] are working on 'Dollhouse,' Zack is staffed on 'Fringe,' but we all love the universe and Zack did such a great job that we all want to go back there."

Do you want more Dr. Horrible comics? Who should get their own comic? What do you want to see? Let us know ...