From Snooki’s Mini Meatball To Fergie’s First Photo: This Week In Instagrams

By Cory Midgarden

Who is Olly Murs saving a seat for in this Instagab photo? Well, according to the Murs, his “X Factor” U.K. castmate Zayn Malik has a thing for motorized bikes.

“Zayn was tweeting about Vespas and how much he likes them and I heard him talking about it and I was talking to him about it and so I took the picture and I just tweeted him,” Murs told MTV News. “Zayn never replies, so kind of a waste of time.”

See Olly Murs’ scooter riding Instagram story!

So, even though we do not know much about these next Instagram photos, they grabbed our attention nonetheless and are MTV News’ five faves from the week:

If you can’t get enough of Snooki’s baby boy Lorenzo you’re not alone. The little meatball is just coming up on two months, and thanks to Instagram, the “Jersey Shore” star has been able to keep friends and fans, alike, up-to-date on her life as a new mommy.

Kelly Osbourne
Here’s another MTV family that just warms our hearts. Ozzy and Kelly Osbourne “cuddle” up in this Instagram snapshot. While Kelly seems enamored by her dad, the pup in her lap doesn’t seem nearly as charmed by the Black Sabbath frontman.

Snoop Dogg
While Instagram doesn’t usually give followers full details behind a pic, a little cross investigation via other social media outlets, i.e., Twitter and Facebook can usually get you a few more tidbits. Take this photo Snoop Dogg posted with Machine Gun Kelly. By just looking at the post you know nothing other than the fact the two posed for this picture. But a Google search here and a Twitter scroll there and viola: A little bit more info on the story.

Shay Mitchell
Ever wonder how those “Pretty Little Liars” look so fabulous day after day? Shay Mitchell, who plays Emily in the ABC Family series, gave us a sneak peek at her beauty regime. While the face mask in this photo looks pampered, being up at 5:30 AM (as mentioned in her Instagram caption) to have the service sounds far from relaxing.

Fergie Ferg posted her very first Instagram this week! The Black Eyed Peas singer needs a little help deciding what to wear for Halloween this year. It’s hard to tell what she’s going for thus far but if it comes close to what she wore last year, we’re sold!

Who took your favorite Instagram shot of the week? Let us know in the comments below!

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