Ryan Beatty Gives ‘Hey L.A.’ A Big Apple Remix

By Cory Midgarden

After hearing his single “Hey L.A.,” it is crystal clear Ryan Beatty is a huge fan of the Golden State, but it was not until the MTV News team spent the day with the YouTube sensation that we learned he is a New York enthusiast as well.

While we were pretty sure our Big Apple tour, where MTV News’ Christina Garibaldi took him to Times Square, the Empire State Building and Central Park, had something to do with his newfound love for the city, it turned out our sightseeing adventure was not the only thing that won Beatty over.

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“I love Serendipity,” he told MTV News. “Their frozen hot chocolates are the best. Anyone that ever comes to New York, go to Serendipity. I can vouch for that. It’s amazing.”

To celebrate his admiration for NYC, the 17-year-old from Clovis, California, made a few changes to his ever-so-catchy new song especially for us!

What do you think of Ryan Beatty’s “Hey L.A.” New York remix? Let us know in the comments below!

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