Leona Lewis 'Could Probably Go Up Against Nicki Minaj' In Rap Battle

Leona Lewis

By Elizabeth Lancaster (@lizzydl)

The game for lady MCs in 2012 has come a long way. With the emergence of talent such as Iggy Azelea and Kreayshawn on top of the household names like Nicki Minaj, there are plenty of great things happening for female stars in the rap world. Now, there is one more name to add to the list, and it’s not someone we would have guessed.

During a live stream talking about her new album, British pop sensation Leona Lewis revealed, "On my new album I will be rapping. I've discovered my voice for rapping." What now?

As if that news wasn’t enough, she took it even farther saying her “London-style MCing” was as good as the queen of all female rappers. ''I could probably go up against Nicki Minaj now. I'm actually that good, so I'm coming for you Nicki!" Well, we don’t think anyone will be taking this too lightly after she willingly suggests a comparison like that. We wonder what Ms. Minaj will have to say about this challenge.

Leona recently previewed some of her favorite tracks from the new album, and the fan favorite appeared to be the single “Come Alive.” The singer has high hopes for her album, explaining, "This album is going to be more open because I've got to work with people I've bonded with."

If bonding with her colleagues is what Lewis needed to break out in rhymes, more power to her. Lewis’ new album, Glassheart comes out on October 15, and we cannot wait to hear her premiere her raps!

What do you think about Leona Lewis as a rapper? Let us know in the comments below.

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