Mom On Plane Yells At Justin Bieber To Clean Up His Language

By Elizabeth Lancaster (@lizzydl)

Justin Bieber may keep it PG in his albums and videos, but the 18-year-old pop star may not be quite as wholesome as he lets on to his young fans.

On a 12-hour Air New Zealand flight back to the U.S. following his Down Under promo tour, Justin and his entourage took over first class and got into some trouble. According to TMZ, Biebs and Co. were shouting curse words (including the four letter ones) so loudly over the course of the trip that a nearby mother of two reprimanded Justin. She instructed him to “stop yelling curse words and using that kind of language on a plane. It’s not appropriate.” Amen.

While we are sure Justin does not get told what to do very often, he was embarrassed and reportedly apologized to the woman.

Maybe Justin is in need of other spaces and outlets to shout, swear and be his 18-year old self in, since he steers very clear of any profanity in his music (unlike most other artists of his age). But in the future, we bet he will choose a location void of any children – or at the very least those accompanied by protective and vocal mothers!