Lady Gaga On The Big Screen As Amy Winehouse? For A Price

By Cristina Recino

Little Monsters wanting to see Lady Gaga take to the silver screen sometime soon may be in luck. That’s right, Gaga recently tweeted an on-the-nose request to Disney after some fan art inspired the pop star. The buzz comes just as Mitch Winehouse gave his blessing (well, kind of) to a biopic of his late daughter, Amy Winehouse, starring the “Born This Way” singer … for a price.

With her new in full swing, Gaga posted a fan-made picture (below) that shows her as a Disney-esque cartoon character. “This is my favorite thing in life. Just putting it out there Disney can we make this happen?” she tweeted.

Gaga has also reportedly expressed interest in playing Amy Winehouse in a biopic, should one ever be made, and now, in an interview with the Daily Star, Mitch Winehouse has weighed in, saying that while he thinks a British actress might be better suited to the role, Gaga has the right look, and he’d consider a biopic for the right price. “If Gaga gives me £10m I will consider it,” Winehouse said. “I think it might be advisable to get an English actress, although Gaga has got the look about her. It is something which we might think about.”

Lady Gaga, Twitter

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