Michael Phelps Catching Up On ‘Breaking Bad’ At Olympic Village

By: Uptin Saiidi (@uptin)

Michael Phelps needs to win just three medals at the 2012 Summer Olympics to go down in history as the most decorated Olympian of all time. With three days to go, Phelps is all moved into Olympic Village with his fellow athletes and appeared in an interview this morning on the “Today”, where he said he’s been spending his time watching his favorite shows. “I started ’The Wire’ and am catching up on ’Breaking Bad’,” he told special correspondent Ryan Seacrest. “A lot of pretty much sitting around and watching movies.”

A difficult task in the summer heat, considering he arrived to find out the village doesn’t have any A.C. “We walked in and tried to crank the thermostat down, but nothing was happening all day and they told us in a meeting that we have no air conditioning. Everybody on the team have little college dorm fans that rotate, so we have some air circulating but everybody has to deal with it.”

Phelps said he’s a lot better physically than he was in 2008, and mentally he just wants to take things as they come. “Being able to visualize my races and prepare myself for what could happen, what I want to happen, what I don’t want to happen, just so I’m prepared for everything.”

This will be the fourth Olympic games for Phelps and he says they will also be his last.

“It’s kind of emotional,” he told Seacrest. “I think back over the last 20 years what has happened over my career it’s been a lot of great memories – that’s one thing that I’m looking forward to this week is having a lot of great memories and a lot of great moments.”

When you’ve spent most of your life as a swimmer and your entire career has been watched closely in the public eye, it’s hard to imagine life without swimming. But for now, Phelps is just thinking about what lies ahead in the short-term. “I think a lot of things I’ve done through my career haven’t really sunk in yet. I guess the more I move through my life some of those moments will sink in even more. I have a job to finish here that’s why I’m here, that’s why I’m setting out on Saturday to start my journey, and hopefully it’s a good one.”

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