Flo Rida To Release Workout DVD?

By Cristina Recino

Yes, you read correctly. Flo Rida has a workout DVD in the works, according to Billboard, who talked to the rapper about his upcoming projects at the Teen Choice Awards.

“I’ve always been about fitness,” he said, “and my fans can definitely appreciate that.”

The rapper said he has a very specific fitness regimen that gives him the rock hard body on display in many of his music videos. “I’m definitely going to do that,” he told Billboard. “I have quite a workout regimen.”

The DVD’s release could come as early as later this year. He says the workout will be “flexible,” so fans should have no trouble doing it at home.

This could be a cool new venture for Flo, but if his idea of a workout is to “put your lips together and come real close,” we’re not sure fans are going to exercise or sexercise.

Flo’s latest album, Wild Ones, hit stores earlier this month. The hitmaker is enjoying some big success on the Billboard charts with his singles “Whistle” and “Wild Ones,” which sit at numbers 7 and 13, respectively, on the Hot 100.

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