Music Mashup King 3LAU Plans Tour Behind New Album, Dance Floor Filth 2

By Madeline Zeppa

It’s no secret that electronic dance music (EDM) is sweeping the nation. With numerous music mashups and dubstep beats, DJ and house producer Justin Blau (aka 3LAU) is among the best out there.

A college student by day and a music master by night, Blau has kept his priorities straight. “I can’t say I’ve truly balanced both because my mind can’t be in both places at the same time, but I still managed to play 50 shows across the country and finish the semester strong,” Blau tells MTV News.

Producing remixes that have charted in the top 10 on both Beatport and Hype Machine, Blau is beginning to make a big impact on the electronic dance music scene. As the fanbase for the genre grows, so does the pressure to set yourself apart. “There are so many sub genres, varieties and experimental facets of EDM, it’s one of the most versatile macro-genres out there. Not to mention, EDM is dance music, and dance is a universal language that celebrates life,” says Blau.

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