Carly Rae Jepsen’s Craziest Concert Memory

Carly Rae Jepsen has been the victim of every girl’s worst nightmare. During a recent show her skirt blew up, putting her pastel-colored undergarments on not-so-proud display.

“It’s windy, so if you’re wearing a skirt like I am today make sure you have booty shorts. I learned that once the hard way and flashed an entire audience with my pink panties. I said, ’Do you like my pink underwear?’ and that was about it. Then we moved on,” she told MTV News backstage at the Pop-Tarts Crazy Good Summer Concert held late last week in Chicago at the Charter One Pavilion.

Her skirt, it should be noted, remained in its right place during this latest gig.

It is advice she might want to heed before she heads out on the road with her boss, Justin Bieber, this fall. She’ll be opening for the chart-topper on his “Believe Tour” when it kicks off in September. The tour is timed around the release of the “Call Me Maybe” singer’s album release.

That should also give her just enough time to get all the hot pants she might need.


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