Madonna Avoids Another ‘MDNA Tour’ Controversy by Agreeing To Show Clip Honoring Polish War Veterans

Meredith Goldberg-Morse

Another tour stop, another controversy for Madonna, who can’t seem to catch a break on her wildly successful but endlessly dramatic “MDNA Tour.”

Since the tour’s kickoff, Madonna has flashed Istanbul, mooned Rome, angered a French Front National party leader to the point of legal action and kind of snubbed the entirety of Australia. And just when we thought she’d run out of international populations to offend, the superstar singer is now on the receiving end of criticism from Polish citizens regarding the scheduling of her Warsaw tour stop.

The concert, scheduled for August 1, falls on the 68th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising, the start of a 63-day rebellion that resulted in more than 200,000 deaths and left the city devastated. The commemoration is a somber one, marked by the wailing of a siren, a moment of silence and special prayers—pretty much the antithesis of the mood at a Madonna concert. Veterans and young Catholics have raised concerns about the performance distracting from the gravity of the day’s history.

Concert organizers have agreed to air a clip about the Uprising at the beginning of the Queen of Pop’s show to honor veterans. As a Live Nation spokesman explained, “It is an important moment in Polish history, so we have decided to remind people of that moment.”

This isn’t the first time Madonna’s incurred the ire of Polish citizens. Her use of Christian imagery often offends the largely Roman Catholic population, and her “Sticky & Sweet Tour” ignited protests back in 2009 when her concert coincided with the August 15 holiday celebrating the heavenly assumption of the Virgin Mary. Perhaps a bit more research is in order before she schedules her next visit to Warsaw.

Hopefully the clip, an idea proposed by city officials, will diffuse any tension between Madonna and the Poles before she moves on to her inevitable next controversy.

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