‘Harry Potter’ Star Matthew Lewis Bleeds For Love In New Music Vid

By Kara Warner

This one is for all of you Matthew Lewis and “Harry Potter” fans. Our favorite surprise dreamboat has been busy working to establish himself outside the “Potter” franchise and in addition to that grownup photo shoot he did a while back, Lewis recently spread his actorly wings into the world of music videos.

Lewis stars alongside actress Lily Loveless (“Skins” and “The Fades”) in the artistic, maudlin and ultimately depressing clip for “Filth,” the title track off the new album by British alternative folk group A Band of Buriers, which is out today (July 10). Before we give away all the details, we strongly suggest that you peep the six-minute vid for yourselves and then come back to give us your thoughts and interpretations.


Embedded from www.youtube.com.