Madonna Takes Us 'Inside The DNA Of MDNA' In New Behind-The-Tour Clip

By Zachary Swickey

Our favorite material girl Madonna has been touring the globe in support of her latest studio album, MDNA, and has posted an interesting behind-the-scenes clip of life on the road, titled “Inside the DNA of MDNA.”

Like her landmark documentary "Truth or Dare" and her "Reinvention Tour" doc "I'm Going To Tell You a Secret," the clip is in classic black and white. “I feel like my training wheels are being taken off before I’m ready,” she says just before her massive show in Rome (where she famously went on to moon the audience). “I feel like I’m going to crash a few times.”

The tour’s co-directors and choreographers appear just as stressed as Madge herself (if not more so, working to please one of music's most notoriously hard-working icons and all), and they all shout at plenty of dancers to get to their acts together. The footage also captures the dressing room mayhem during live shows, pre-show jitters and Madonna rocking out on her guitar. Her sons Rocco and David also make cameos in the clip.

As Madonna leads a prayer circle with her team before the show, one is reminded of her passion for music. “Remember why we’re here,” Madge tells her crew. “We love to sing and dance and do what we do best… to shed a light and inspire people, that’s why we’re here, that’s our job.”