Madonna Helps Fan Propose, Offers Marital Advice


Despite two not-so-successful marriages and a recent penchant for significantly younger boyfriends, Madonna clearly still believes in everlasting love.

At her "MDNA Tour" stop in Amsterdam earlier this week, Her Madgesty handed her mic over to an excited fan right down front so she could propose to her boyfriend. "Who are you going to ask to marry you?" Madonna asked the woman. "Well, do you want to ask him to marry you in front of several hundred thousands of people?"

She clearly did, but not without some serious coaching from the perfectionist Material Girl first. After warning the woman not "slobber all over my microphone," Madonna encouraged, "Do it with feeling. From your heart baby. Is that the man you love? Do you love her?"

When he responded "very much," M clarified, "For the rest of your f**king life?"

The proposal was a success, inspiring M to chant, "Tongues! Tongues! Kiss with tongues!" before offering the newly engaged couple some advice. "I'll give you one piece of advice, Madonna told the couple. "Never go to bed angry."

That's pretty solid. Check it out:


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