Get To Work! Penelope Disick Is Primed To Join The Kardashian Family Business

By Audrey Cook

Not only does Kris Jenner have a new grandchild, Penelope Scotland Disick, but she may also have a potential new client to manage!

With the birth of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick’s first daughter yesterday (July 8), Kardashian mastermind Kris Jenner’s wheels no doubt started turning over when exactly Penelope would enter the family business. If she decides to get started early, here are some potential ways for the new born to start building her college fund:

Kids clothing line: Penelope could follow in her mother’s footsteps and create her own clothing line. We’re talking bibs, sunglasses, diaper bags, strollers, crib bedding, you name it. It could even be at Sear’s next to the Kardashian Kollection. As they say: like mother, like daughter.

Reality TV: Move over Mason, a new kiddie is about to steal the spotlight. As the Kardashian Klan has signed on for three more seasons of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” it’s most likely that the newborn will make her debut appearance on the reality show next season, filling up her polished piggy bank fairly easily.

Stuffed animal line: Since Penelope is a little young to be wearing perfume, an alternative business venture that seems to be more original, creative and fitting for her age could be a stuffed animal line. What child wouldn’t want to create plush toys for a living?

Endorsements: The Kardashian sisters may be the queens of endorsements, promoting products ranging from jewelry and clothing to nail polishes with colors named after them. The tiny tot could get her start in the spotlight by endorsing Pampers, Gerber or even Mott’s apple juice.

No matter what happens, we’re confident Kris Jenner will take things into her own hands and turn little Penelope into a child star. Kris could even take on the new title of “Grandmanager.”

Do you think Kourtney will put Penelope in the spotlight? Leave us your thoughts below!