The Dark, Dangerously Addictive Side of Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Call Me Maybe’

By Elizabeth Lancaster @lizzydl

Covers of Carly Rae Jepsen’s ubiquitous #1 hit “Call Me Maybe” and the song’s constant back-to-back radio play have been all fun and games … until now! We all hoped it would never come to this.

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Jared is a sad example of what happens when pop music addiction goes just too far. He showed all the classic signs of being a “Call Me Maybe” addict, so his friends and family came forward to deal with his issues and help others avoid the same fate.

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First, the symptoms were mild – he ripped his own jeans (and lied about it) and listened to the track 225 times in 2 days on Spotify (which really isn’t all that much, is it?). His brother, roommate and girlfriend all knew the problem was serious when these symptoms escalated. He began to shout, “Where do you think you’re goin’, baby?” every time his roommate left the room. Lyrics to the song soon took over his vocabulary, and after his girlfriend broke up with him for offering pennies and dimes for a kiss to waitresses all over town, he would call her screaming, “I miss you so, so bad.”

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“Call Me Maybe” may seem like bubble gum pop, but it led Jared to beg, borrow and steal from those closest to him.

Watch Jared’s story below, and let him be a reminder to you to not let things go too far. It’s just a song, after all. Say it with me: It’s just a song.

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