A Primer On Ed Sheeran For American Audiences

By Zachary Swickey

You may have seen the name Ed Sheeran popping up lately in the spectrum of pop music news, but just who exactly is this guy? Well, Edward Sheeran is a 21-year-old English singer-songwriter-producer that you are likely going to be hearing a lot about for the next several months.

Citing another English singer-songwriter, James Morrison, as his inspiration, Sheeran played an astounding 312 shows in 2009 alone. By early 2011, he had already released 8 EPs independently. This all helped him get the attention of Asylum/Atlantic Records, who then quickly signed him.

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It wasn’t long before Sheeran had a hit of his own (overseas in his native country, at least) with his debut single, “The A Team,” debuting at #3 on the U.K. singles charts. His next single, “Lego House,” was equally successful and helped his album debut, +, gain quadruple-platinum status in the United Kingdom. Earlier this year, he was bestowed with two BRIT Awards for Best British Male Solo Artist and British Breakthrough of the Year.

The album finally hit American shores earlier this month and managed a #5 debut on the Billboard 200 album chart.

Now that you know who Ed Sheeran is, you should check out the waiting list of artists who are itching to work with the rising star.

Sheeran has been putting in a lot of studio time recently with the hit-generating-machine Taylor Swift. She even posted a short, adorable vid of the two performing his hit “Lego House” while sitting on a kitchen floor. The two have kept tight-lipped on what’s going on the studio, but Sheeran has had nothing but flattering things to say about Swift.

“I’ve never really met acts like [her],” he told PopCrush. “Taylor’s been in it [the music industry] for six years and she’s 22. And you hear horror stories about younger musicians, but she’s so together and so kind and professional and knows what she wants, but at the same time isn’t too harsh – she’s just a really sweet gentle person.”

Sheeran already worked a track on UK sensation One Direction’s debut album, but has announced he’ll be working on their follow-up as well.

“I wrote a couple of songs when I was 17 that One Direction want for their next album,” he told Perez Hilton. “I’m going into the studio in August to produce the tracks for them.”

Jessie J wants in on some of the action too. Chatting at Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend, Jessie told the Daily Star, “It took me seven years to get people interested in the first album… I want to get Ed Sheeran and Tinie Tempah on there, but I’d also love to work with Rihanna and Beyonce.” (Quite the notable wish-list of artists to be included in!)

The multi-talented Sheeran has also admitted his desire to get into the acting game. He is reportedly interested in being part of the film adaptation of “Skagboys” – the prequel to director Danny Boyle’s ’96 breakout hit, “Trainspotting.”

Keep your eyes on this rising star. If you haven’t familiarized yourself with Sheeran’s music, you can go ahead and fix that now by checking out his official “Lego House” video below.

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