Like Mother, Like Daughter: Lourdes Tries On Madonna’s Cone Bra Backstage (Pic)

Exactly how appropriate a pose the 15-year-old is striking is another story.

Madonna’s very own Material Girl, Lourdes Leon, had a little fun backstage on mom’s “MDNA Tour” and tried on her mother’s cone bra costume over her clothes and struck a sassy pose. The image was tweeted from the M and L’s Material Girl Twitter account with the caption, “Lola backstage at MDNA!”

Check it out:

Material Girl, Twitter; Getty

Madonna made the cone bra famous (infamous?) on her 1990 “Blonde Ambition” tour and had the design’s original designer, Jean Paul Gaultier, revamp the classic costume for her current “MDNA Tour.”

After Lourdes was busted smoking a cigarette by photographers earlier this year, Madonna told “Rock Center’s” Harry Smith that she “wasn’t very happy” and felt she needed to toughen up as a mother. We assume these images – though Lola is clearly just goofing around – will only serve to stiffen her resolve with the daring teen.

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