Cher Planning Broadway Musical, New Album And Tour

By Zachary Swickey

It feels like the perfect time for iconic diva Cher to get her own Broadway musical! Thankfully, one is currently in development, according to the singer. The process is moving along slowly but surely and producers have “been working on it quite a while now,” her publicist, Liz Rosenberg, corroborated to Billboard.

On top of the planned musical, Cher has been working on a new studio album with a tour expected to follow. (So much for that three-year, hugely successful “Living Proof: The Farewell Tour.”)

The musical is expected to be divided into three segments, with three different actresses portraying Cher in various stages of her life. In an interesting stage experiment, the trio will also reportedly interact with one another through dialog and song.

One actress will play Cher from her early years through her relationship with late husband Sonny Bono. A second actress will then pick up the story and continue it through her “Believe.” Finally, a third woman will play Cher from 1999 to present day.

Cher states that the “old Cher” in the show will be “wise” and interact with the younger version of herself – telling her not to fear the future.

Apparently not one to rest on her laurels, Cher is also prepping her 26th studio album – her first effort since 2002’s Living Proof. The singer stated on Twitter that she hopes to release it before the holiday season. She’s been working on tracks for over a year with one particularly noteworthy track – a duet with Lady Gaga dubbed “The Greatest Thing” – expected to be included. The song was originally intended to debut last August as a single, but Cher tweeted that the release was delayed due to her label, Warner Bros., wanting to save the single for release with the completed album.

Finally, 66-year-old Cher will once again hit the road for a large-scale tour. She appropriately joked the name of the tour will be the “Never Can Say Goodbye Tour.” Her “farewell” tour, which concluded in 2005, included over 300 shows over a three-year span and is one of the top grossing tours of all time. She followed it up with a hugely successful stint in Vegas at Caesars Palace from 2008-11.

The new tour was originally expected to kick-off this August, but this is highly unlikely as no dates have been announced.