President Obama Strikes Again With Justin Bieber ‘Boyfriend’ Mashup

By Natasha Chandel

We know President Barack Obama is seeking the youth vote, but we didn’t realize he would take on Justin Bieber to get it!

That’s right, another video mash-up of the president has surfaced, and this time Obama is singing Bieb’s latest hit, “Boyfriend.”

High off the viral video success of his mash-up cover of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe,” the YouTuber known as barackdubs pieced together another hilarious clip, where Obama, in his deep and stoic voice, promises viewers that if he was their boyfriend, he would never let them go. Maybe sub in “boyfriend” for “president” and you get the hidden message? That’s probably reading too far into it, but the video should definitely boost his presence among the Beliebers.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen President Obama serenade the nation. Earlier this year, Obama dropped a few bars of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” at a New York fundraiser to rave reviews!

And this certainly isn’t only the second time for barackdubs, who has racked over 35 million hits on his YouTube channel for other Obama renditions to songs like Rihanna’s “Drink to That” and LMFAO’s “I’m Sexy and I Know it.”

Check it out below!

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