Kanye West Spends A Lot Of Money Quickly (And Yes, There Was An 84-Mile Private Plane Ride Involved)

By Meredith Goldberg-Morse

When faced with an 84-mile journey, most people would simply hop in their car, or perhaps even board a train or a bus. In case there was ever any confusion, Kanye West is not most people.

While traveling the U.K. for his “Watch the Throne” tour with Jay-Z, the rapper spent over £8,000 on a private jet from Doncaster to Birmingham, where he was then picked up by a chauffeured Mercedes and deposited at his five-star £1,100-a-night hotel. He then reportedly booked eight additional rooms for his entourage, including girlfriend Kim Kardashian’s make-up people, who failed to show up. (Rude!) Why so frugal, Kanye?

In preparation for Kim’s arrival, the 34-year-old allegedly ordered two dozen white roses—with the stipulation that they be cut only one inch above the top of the vase, because, according to an inside source, he has a “deep hatred of dying flowers drooping.”

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He also really worked up an appetite on that 84-mile flight because he followed up with an order of 50 bars of white chocolate, with a £1,800 bar tab to wash it down.

As a hyper-observant witness commented, “Kanye has a lot of money and isn’t afraid to spend it.” Truer words were never spoken.