Blue Ivy Carter Earns Honorary Croatian Citizenship, Origins Of Her Name Become More Clear

Not long after announcing her pregnancy on stage at last year's MTV Video Music Awards, Beyonce and Jay-Z took a late summer vacation to Croatia, where intrepid photogs got a famous first shot of Beyonce's growing baby bump as she and her hubby relaxed on the shores of the Adriatic Sea.

The stir around the photo – and now to a video shot by the couple and posted to her Tumblr that appears to give further insight into Blue Ivy's name – apparently brought a great deal of attention and tourism to the island of Hvar, where the pictures were snapped, and now the mayor of the island town is thanking the couple by offering baby Blue honorary citizenship.

"The story of the origin of your girl's name, Blue Ivy, has brought huge media attention and great tourism promotion to the town of Hvar," Mayor Pjerino Bebic said in a letter sent to the couple, according to the Dalmacija News (via AFP/Yahoo). "I have decided to grant your daughter the status of honorary citizen of the town."

Bebic has also good-naturedly invited the family to return to Hvar.

Queen Bey and Jay's visit to "sunniest town in Croatia" came shortly after the two singers announced Beyonce's pregnancy.

In the video, B talks while Jay films her. She discusses walking past a tree covered in blue ivy. At one point, Beyonce says of the tree, "I think it's blue ivy, which would be quite appropriate."

Croatian news services have been broadcasting the clip (below), saying Blue Ivy was reportedly named after the tree wrapped in blue ivy that the couple saw while on the island during their September 2011 visit.

Now, whether baby Blue was named after the tree or the couple's discovery of its natural beauty was simply particularly serendipitous is up for question. Beyonce also posted a poem by Rebecca Solnit called "Field Guide To Getting Lost" to her Tumblr that discusses the color blue, suggesting the name may have even deeper meaning to the couple.

The poem mediates heavily on the and its connection to nature. "Water is colorless, shallow water appears to be the color that lies beneath it," Solnit's writes. "But deep water is full of his scattered light, the purer the water, the deeper the blue."

"Ivy" is also how one would phonetically say the roman numerals I and V – IV, or 4 … Beyonce's favorite number.

Regardless, from Bebic offer to the deeper meaning of Blue Ivy's name, the whole story just makes us smile.