And Now South African Religious Groups Are Up In Arms Over Lady Gaga’s Planned Concerts In The Country


Last week we reported that Lady Gaga’s announced South African concerts in Johannesburg on November 30 and Cape Town on December 3 were met with such a fan frenzy that Little Monsters flocking to the Computicket website for tickets crashed its servers.

Well, Gaga is now being greeted with a song and dance routine she heard throughout the Asian leg of her “Born This Way Ball” tour – religious groups in the country are calling for the concerts to be canceled. Many of the tour’s dates in Asia were plagued by protests from Christian and Islamic groups, culminating in a particularly frightening situation in Indonesia, where an Islamic extremist organization threatened the pop superstar with violence, forcing her to cancel a sold-out show in Jakarta.

Now, a group calling itself Christians Against Lady Gaga & Beyonce’s SA Tours (we didn’t realize Beyonce was planning a tour, but just go with it) has built up a few thousand followers, all of whom are hoping to stop “filthy demon” Lady Gaga from performing in the country.

The group began a four-day “prayer avalanche” to support their cause on Thursday and will assemble on July 7 to think of what steps to take next.

We believe everyone is entitled to their opinion, but a look through some of the messages on the Facebook page really makes you wonder how a group that should be espousing tolerance given their religious affiliation could be so dang intolerant … but that’s something we think, sadly, all too often when LGBT and women’s issues enter the conversation, as they do the second someone mentions Gaga, a vocal adovocate for both.