Jimmy Fallon and Justin Bieber Showdown Ends In A ‘Hand Hug’

By Elizabeth Lancaster @lizzydl

Even the non Beliebers of the world have probably heard that Justin Bieber’s new album, Believe, was released this week. You cannot turn on the TV, radio or walk down the street without hearing his name – sometimes from a screaming mob of girls.

Jimmy Fallon heard the news from Justin himself last night, but things turned slightly competitive when Jimmy mentioned his own new album. Soon, instead of Blow Your Pants Off vs. Believe (Jimmy admitted right up front that he knew Bieber would sell more copies) it was Jimmy vs. Justin. Fallon was committed to finding a way to beat Bieber … at something.

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The face-offs that followed included: video games, rock/paper/scissors, breathe holding and a grand finale sudden-death dance off. Needless to say Biebs went with the moonwalk, and the sudden death was quick. Showing it was all in good fun, the two ended their rivalry with a “hand hug” (we are going to start doing this in the MTV Newsroom in lieu of handshaking).

Learning how to hand hug wasn’t the only educational moment in this skit; both Jimmy and Justin love juice and Bieber can do way more pushups than we imagined. Either way, it looks like Justin has now officially gained one more Belieber.

Check it out:

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