Beyonce Being Human Has a Way Of Making Us Cry Our Eyes Out

By Elizabeth Lancaster @lizzydl

When Beyoncé is not singing and performing on stage, or being a wife and mother at home, she keeps herself occupied proving to her fans just how much she appreciates them.

The latest open letter from Queen Bey to appear on her website is to a fan that she met back in 2007. Timmy Kelly, then 13, had left an impression on Bey, having been born blind and suffering from Cerebral Palsy. He just graduated from high school and Beyoncé wrote the heartfelt letter below to say congratulations, and to encourage all of her fans “that anything is possible if you work hard and believe in yourself.”

This kind of gesture is nothing new from Beyoncé – throughout her career she has been known to show her love for fans having a particularly hard time. After she got wind that a young Australian fan named Chelsea-Lee’s had been diagnosed with cancer, she wasted no time in bringing her on stage at her Sydney concert to dedicate a special performance of “Halo” to her recovery.

She also gave some NYC public school students the most memorable gym class of their lives by showing up in Harlem to lead there “Let’s Move Flash Workout” routine. Let’s be real – if B offered to teach you to dance, you would DANCE.

She doesn’t stop at individual fan reach outs either. Bey is head of the Survivor Foundation, an organization started with former band mate Kelly Rowland to aid in all sorts of disaster relief. Created after Hurricane Katrina, the foundation offers assistance and education. Her beau Jay-Z also runs the Shawn Carter Foundation, and together the power couple has raised millions of dollars for scholarships and more.

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